Arc + Crown Turns Two! View Our Crowning Moments

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Event Marketing in Toronto ON

A Big Thank You to Everyone Who Has Been With Us

Arc + Crown is officially 2 years old! It has been a wonderful journey with each and every one of you, whether you first came to us as friends, family or as clients. There are certainly going to be plenty more adventures ahead, and we’re so glad you can be with us to enjoy it together. In celebration of this milestone, click on the player below to see our anniversary video.

Arc + Crown began when Tatiana and I, both coming from different sides of the video production industry, came together with the dream to start up our own company. I came from a producing background, while Tatiana came from an editing one; we formed a great team with an amazing understanding of how to get videos made. With that, we started off in full sprint, bringing in referrals through friends and family in need of video.

Our thinking was; people need videos that look great and help them in critical moments, be it to help convert a prospect on their website, to entice visitors to their next event, or to communicate an important message to the public. Whether a small internal video or a national campaign, we want to be there to help our clients get across their message in these critical moments. This sentiment is what continues to motivate us today. We’re always looking for inventive ways to capture attention and deliver powerful calls to action.

Every project has been dear to us, as a chance to grow our fledgling company from the ground up and develop new relationships along the way. We’re happy that we’ve reached the two-year mark, but that’s not going to make us stop looking to the future. As you might have seen in the video, we’ve made a brand new addition to the team, and that’s only the start. We wouldn’t have made it without all of your support, so once again thank you to everyone.

Our wish is to keep on telling the stories that stick, the stories that show all of you at your best. Every video is a crowning moment for us, as it should be for everyone that watches it. We love creating new ways to make every company, every job, every person, interesting and eye-catchingly fun.

It’s truly a passion-driven industry, and passion is something we’ll never run out of.